International Conference on Tropical Agrifood, Feed, and Fuel (ICTAFF) 2021
Will Be Held in Samarinda by Faperta Unmul

On behalf of the 2nd ICTAFF international conference 2021, I am very pleased to be here participating as an Organizing committee.
I am delighted to be here for the ICTAFF international conference 2021. First of all, I would like to welcome everyone and thank you all for being here today. The development of every nation in this world is underpinned by sophisticate and outstanding research and development in science and technology. Therefore, the main goal our gathering through scientific event is how we shared and linked together by ideas, knowledge, and collaborative work in Food, Feed and Fuel science and technology to give an added value of World’s food, feed, and fuel for fulfilling the needs of aging community and society soon.
The population growth is aging rapidly within two decades and the changing world due to the declining share of working age population, climate change and pandemic Covid19 have affected and impacted economic growth in all around the globe especially in agriculture sector. While research and development are the key success and has an important role for food feed and fuel innovation and sustainability in the changing world. 2nd ICTAFF conference has become a leading event in bringing together academic and industry professionals from all sectors related to Food, Feed and Fuel. This event is in turn an effective learning environment for all, learners, researchers including young scientists participating in this conference. In the current situation and coming decades, building partnerships between academia and industry bridges the gap of the innovations, opportunities and challenges. Science and technology will position our country as a provider of Food, Feed, and Fuel services to the growing population across the world.
With the continual efforts of the Faculty of Agriculture Mulawarman University-Indonesia in collaboration with Ministry of education (Higher degree research and technology) including all stakeholders who are concerning on Food, Feed and Fuel in Tropical areas for contributing to the success of this conference. Special thanks and gratitude’s to all distinguished guests and speakers, who will share their knowledge and perspectives. I hope you enjoy the various sessions and networking at the conference. May I officially declare the 2nd ICTAFF International Conference 2021 open and wish this conference a great success.

The theme of the conference is “The Sustainability Of Tropical Agriculture in The Changing World”. There are 5 sub themes will be addressed in invited talks and submission of papers:

1.       Agro-ecotechnology (Agronomy, Soil Science, Plant Pests and Diseases)

2.       Agribusiness (Socio-economic, Agricultural Extension and Communication)

3.       Agricultural Product Technology (Food Sciences and Technology)

4.       Animal Sciences (Animal Production, Animal Nutrition, Animal Product Technology, Animal Social Economy)

5.       Bio Science (Biology, Health, Fisheries, Forestry)

 Keynote Speakers:

1.       Prof. Temple Grandin (Colorado State University, USA)

2.       Prof. Manat Chaijan, Ph.D (Walailak University, Thailand)

3.       Prof. Monchai Duangjinda (Khon Kaen University, Thailand)

4.       Prof. Dr. Sc. Agr. Ir. Suyadi, MS., IPU., ASEAN Eng. (Brawijaya University, Indonesia)

 Invited Speakers:

1.       Sugiharto, S.Pt, M.Sc., Ph.D. (Diponegoro University, Indonesia)

2.       Shamala Marimuthu, M.Sc. (Manipal International University, Malaysia)

3.       Dr. Ir. Ndan Imang, M.P (Mulawarman University, Indonesia)