International Conference on Tropical Agrifood, Feed, and Fuel (ICTAFF) 2018 Will Be Held in Samarinda by Faperta Unmul

Food and energy security has become the most interconnected problem faced by human in this century due to the growing population of people and industrial activity. Providing adequate quantity and quality of food for such a large population highlights the challenges point of our food production system. In respond to the problem, Faculty of Agriculture, Mulawarman University will hold an International Conference on Tropical Agrifood, Feed, and Fuel (ICTAFF) 2018 that scheduled at 13-14th November in Mesra Business and Resort Hotel, Samarinda. This year, the conference takes “Sustainability of Tropical Food, Feed, and Fuel Tropical Resources for Quality Future” as the main theme.

This international conference is aimed to connect the ideas in resolving problems and bring together scientists, researchers, professionals, and students from multidisciplinary agriculture-related field to share the latest findings or ongoing research activities. “This scientific event will be a great opportunity to share and discuss the problem challenges in tropical agriculture and animal production along with their socio-economic impacts,” said Dr. AswitaEmmawati, the chairperson of the conference.

The objective of this conference is formulated in relevance with the commitment of Unmul in developing and utilizing tropical natural resources wisely. “The demand for more high-quality foods will have to be met by increases derived from agriculture systems. As a result, animal agriculture in the 21st century faces increasing and persistent challenges to produce better quality food in the context of an emerging, globally complex set of conditions for sustainable food production,” Dr. AswitaEmmawati explained.

Therefore, according to the problems, there are 6 sub themes emphasized in the ICTAFF 2018, including halal, safe, and healthy food, improving quality food and nutrition, security and sustainability food and agriculture, innovation in feed technology to increase animal production, sustainable and renewable fuels based on tropical resources, and empowering of agribusiness based on community. Accordingly, the committee will invite relevant experienced scientists as keynote speakers, they are Assoc. Prof. Dr. SomsakManeepong from Walailak University Thailand; Prof. Xuming Huang, Ph.D from South China Agricultural University; Prof. Dr. Irwandi Jaswir from International Islamic University Malaysia; Prof. Dr. Ir. Ali Agus, DAA, DEA from Gadjah Mada University, Indonesia; Dr. Dadan Rohdiana from Research Institute of Tea and Cinchona, Indonesia; and Widi Sunaryo, SP., M.Si., Ph.D from Mulawarman University, Indonesia. Through this agenda, Dr. AswitaEmmawati hopes that Unmul will continuously give a significant contribution regarding on sustainability of food, feed, and fuels for better quality of life. (Ardhani)